Day to Day Services has vast experience in implementing Process for different Industries, based on various demands and needs. Few of them are categorised below:

Process Alignment:

Many of the Corporate Companies want their process to be aligned to International standards like ISO, ISMS, CMMi to meet their commercial demands on different geographies. Companies focus on two different objectives here; one to get the Certification/Assessment completed as per the Business-Driven demands; second to reap the benefits of the success of these international demands.

Day to Day Services offers Expert Assistance in implementing such international standards using availability of pool of Process Experts with hands-on Industry and Implementation Experiences. This category of assistance from Day to Day Services shares over 25% of its operations.

Process Invention:

Inventing new processes for newly formed companies are critical for those companies to function with no confusion from the beginning stage. This job includes forming known processes (Finance, Admin etc) and unknown processes (depending on Industry and Products/Services delivered by the Company).

Day to Day Services has Industry and Process SMEs to cater this unique need of forming new processes. It also assists not just for forming new processes but for developing tools to implement the process and identifying metrics and measures to track performance.

Day to Day Services has wide experience in such services specific to Industries like Incubating, IT, Publishing, Healthcare, Legal etc.

Process Engineering:

Corporates prefer overall Process Re-engineering every decade to meet the International Business demands and to get their processes to meet the contemporary international standards. Day to Day Services offers its valuable assistance for such Clients by analysing their existing processes and tools used, and suggests / designs new process and tools to give required Re-Engineering.

Day to Day Services has experience in delivering for assignments and had come out successfully.

Process Improvement:

With the growing trend of recession and competition, Companies are forced to go for cost-cutting exercises to bring down the cost of production, there by they can be much more competitive in Business. Day to Day Services offers to implement methodologies like 6-Sigma and LEAN to identify the gaps and reduce manpower by implementing tools and process changes.

Misc Support:

We also support and assist in the following areas:

  • GDPR Implementations
  • SSAE 18 (SOC Audits)
  • Hi Trust implementation